Bushfire – Protect your privacy on any Safari


Protect your privacy on any Browser Safari

Download Bushfire – Schütze deine Privatsphäre bei jeder Safari

Your Safari

When you're surfing the web with Safari Browser, you leave your mark on your

computer for example: visited links, product interests, search terms, search results,

downloads and much more…

… also the complete history data of your internet session!

Bushfire protects your privacy!

Bushfire helps you to stay anonymous and prevents you and your interests

from being traced over a long period of time.

After Quit Safari

Safari data stored on your Mac is simply deleted automatically,

completely and securely in the background when you quit.

or – delete Safari data with one click at any time.

Bushfire – Delete Safari data with one click at any time

With Safari always a new Start!

… if you want it

You have control at all times!

You specify
what you want to delete …

… or deactivate Bushfire

with just one click

Status display

The status display always tells you exactly

how many, which objects and data will be deleted.

Activity display

The macOS status menu shows you when

Bushfire is active and removes your selected data.

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